Queen of the Morolian Spiders
Into the spider’s web.

Sam had no clue, absolutely no clue what she was getting herself in to. She only knew what she priorly read from QB’s mind while routing through Storo… And that always came through fuzzy… None the less, she figured it was about time to face the black widow herself. To see what she’s really dealing with.

She wandered aimlessly, in the few areas she observed QB being in when spying on Storo. She didn’t know where the ‘nest’ was, so to speak… So she couldn’t approach her head-on with confidence… But she used her mind to ‘feel’ for where any thoughts, and therefore a being, would be.

She knew little about the woman, aside from her appreciation of spiders, and the webs of lies she strung about… And it was about time she met this potential threat in person.

QB had got the feeling that something had entered a nearby space that she frequently inhabited. Hiding inside an invisible space pocket, she looked at where the intruder was currently, watching and observing her. Had she seen this one before? She didn’t think so.

Despite her lack of knowledge on the person, there was something about her that told her that this person wasn’t really aimless in their wandering. They did seem to stand still for a moment, as if they had caught the scent of something, and were trailing it. And now, it seemed, the woman had stopped. 

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